LAZULI is a proudly South African, locally produced FASHION, ART & LIFESTYLE brand established in 2011. ​

Lazuli aims at creating unique, one-of-a-kind clothing items, allowing for exclusivity and individual style. Focused on everlasting, classic pieces that can be styled in an inimitable way, Lazuli is about being feminine in a commanding manner. It is Fashion, Art and Lifestyle, empowering women in the pieces they wear.

The Lazuli concept is fresh in its approach to incorporating luxury with everyday in its’ effortless style for complete sophistication and unique attention to detail and quality. “We believe that fashion is an art. Fashion is a deep form of expression and is extremely personal. Each individual has a unique sense of style and this can be reflected in the clothing that one wears. Fashion is therefore a visual language and plays an important role in life today, as it contributes to individuality. This is what we try to reflect in our clothing.”


LAZULI is all about exploring tradition. Using classic silhouettes as a source of inspiration, our clothing reflects the eclectic character of the contemporary woman. A combination of tailored designs with flowing fabrics and textures create an atmosphere of everyday luxury. As young designers living in a diverse country filled with an assortment of cultural existence, we draw inspiration from the essence of a woman. We design items that we feel inspire woman and allow a sense of confidence in her natural shape. Our DNA is a narrative of classic silhouettes that we have interpreted and modernized into what we would call a dynamic, confident, stylish look. We try to keep our colour palate to a minimum, intending the focus to be on the style and the attention to detail. We make use of a variety of fabrics that we feel add a dimension that echoes texture. Fabrics’, including denim, linen, lace and chiffon is what makes the LAZULI collection. The style of our collection creates an atmosphere that exudes our interpretation of what is now, modern structured and feminine.


The Lazuli Team from Left; Zarah Cassim, Foziah Cassim, Layla Cassim.


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